Harry’s Piano

 Harry’s Piano

Author: Susan Sukman McCray
Publisher: Self-published
Reviewed by: Cheryl C. Malandrinos

Little did anyone know when five-year-old Harry asked to take piano lessons, where it would lead. Harry’s Piano is the charming tale of the young life of Academy Award-winning composer, Harry Sukman, written by his daughter, Susan Sukman McCray.

From Harry’s humble birth in Chicago to his moving to California and conducting his first concert, Harry’s Piano will touch the hearts of children everywhere.

Told with the loving hand only a parent’s child could provide, Susan McCray shares every milestone that led to Harry Sukman becoming a successful concert pianist, conductor, and composer. Children will follow Harry as his first piano is lifted through the window into his parents’ third-story apartment in Chicago. They will read about the hours and hours of practice Harry committed himself to and the music professors who helped Harry hone his talents. And children will share in the excitement of Harry’s decision to leave Chicago and move to California, where he meets Mr. Young, who foretells of the future Harry will live.

The illustrations–provided by Karen C. Rhine–are as moving as the story. The book also has a CD with two piano selections composed and played by Harry Sukman.

A timeless story of hard work and determination, Harry’s Piano is a gift that will inspire young people to reach for their dreams.

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