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Ashley’s Unforgettable Summer
Author: Grace Reddick
Publisher: Xlibris
Reviewed by: Dorothy Thompson

Who wouldn’t love to own a monkey even though she sure could get into a lot of trouble! That’s the premise of Grace Reddick’s new children’s book, Ashley’s Unforgettable Summer.

Ashley goes on a trip with her parents, only it’s not quite the vacation she thought it was going to be. Instead of a tropical desert, it’s the wilds of Africa where Ashley has to stay in a hut instead of a nice, air-conditioned hotel room. But, Ashley rather enjoys her unfamiliar surroundings and makes the best of it.

Her dad takes her to the largest pet shop in the world and lets her pick out an animal to take back home. She chooses a cute chimpanzee and named her Tina.

Arriving back home, Tina turns out to be quite a handful, getting into all sorts of trouble and leaving Ashley scrambling to clean up her mess before her parents found out. All in all, Tina turns out to be Ashley’s best friend and that summer turns out to be Ashley’s most unforgettable summer.

I really enjoyed this book, but I didn’t want to stop finding out about more trouble the little chimp could get into. Perhaps there’s a second book so I can have my Tina fix? ;o)

Ashley’s Unforgettable Summer by Grace Reddick is sure to be a hit with the pre-school crowd and monkey lovers alike!


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The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth: How to Crack Your Wealth Code Using the Tools of Self-made Billionaires
Author: James Burns, Esq.
Publisher: White Diamond Press/Arbor Books
Reviewed by: Dorothy Thompson

Who wouldn’t want to know the secrets of getting rich? That’s the premise of a new book by James Burns, Esq. titled THE 3 SECRET PILLARS OF WEALTH: HOW TO CRACK YOUR WEALTH CODE USING THE TOOLS OF SELF-MADE BILLIONAIRES, but James is quick to point out that this book isn’t a get rich book. It’s more of a primer for learning how to plan for the future by changing your traditional ways of thinking.

James explains that we have to change the way we’ve been taught to think about making money and we need to understand that successful people leave clues and that’s what we need to pay attention to.

I particularly liked his statement that investors see money as a tool and to people who are financially broke, investing is not a priority and in order to become financially secure, we need to get into the investor mindset. This definitely made sense to me.

As a baby boomer facing retirement in the next ten years, I found that James’ philosophies right on the money. By reading his book now, it’s opened up my eyes to the real world of becoming financial independent in years ahead. It’s a wake up call and I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking to invest in your future.


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Beneath a Buried House

Beneath a Buried House
Author: Bob Avey
Publisher: Deadly Niche Press
Reviewed by:  Cheryl Malandrinos

If you enjoy unusual mysteries with multiple twists and turns, then check out Bob Avey’s latest novel, Beneath a Buried House.

Tulsa Police Detective Kenny Elliot has a keen sense for the unusual. The death of a John Doe from an overdose seems like an easy case–to everyone except Elliot. He’s sure there is more to it than meets the eye. His mission to discover the truth finds him deceived at every turn and makes him the target of an unknown danger.

In this second book of Avey’s Detective Elliot series I found much to enjoy. The characters are well-developed and complex; the plot thickens as the list of potential suspects increases; and I never expected the ending.

I haven’t read the first book in this series, Twisted Perception, but now I’m more curious than ever to see where Elliot got his start and how he solved his first case.

This book started off a bit slow because it is told from several points of view. The reader is introduced to eight characters who play a significant role in the book within the first six chapters and there is also a reference to a person from Elliot’s past that plays a role in forming Elliot’s relationship with women. But at a certain point the story picks up as the clues come together and Beneath a Buried House becomes a real page-turner. I couldn’t put it down until I finished the last page.

My only disappointment is that Avey ignored an important event towards the end that intefered with how the rest of the story played out. No matter how I tried to get around it, I couldn’t, and it spoiled what could have been a perfect ending.

Beneath a Buried House is a thrilling, suspenseful mystery that will have you waiting to see what case Elliot has to solve next.



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