The 3 Secret Pillars of Wealth: How to Crack Your Wealth Code Using the Tools of Self-made Billionaires
Author: James Burns, Esq.
Publisher: White Diamond Press/Arbor Books
Reviewed by: Dorothy Thompson

Who wouldn’t want to know the secrets of getting rich? That’s the premise of a new book by James Burns, Esq. titled THE 3 SECRET PILLARS OF WEALTH: HOW TO CRACK YOUR WEALTH CODE USING THE TOOLS OF SELF-MADE BILLIONAIRES, but James is quick to point out that this book isn’t a get rich book. It’s more of a primer for learning how to plan for the future by changing your traditional ways of thinking.

James explains that we have to change the way we’ve been taught to think about making money and we need to understand that successful people leave clues and that’s what we need to pay attention to.

I particularly liked his statement that investors see money as a tool and to people who are financially broke, investing is not a priority and in order to become financially secure, we need to get into the investor mindset. This definitely made sense to me.

As a baby boomer facing retirement in the next ten years, I found that James’ philosophies right on the money. By reading his book now, it’s opened up my eyes to the real world of becoming financial independent in years ahead. It’s a wake up call and I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking to invest in your future.


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4 responses to “THE 3 SECRET PILLARS OF WEALTH by James Burns, Esq.

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  2. You couldn’t have said it any better. The wealthy leave clues and money is a tool and nothing more.

    I am thrilled that I stumbled upon this site because I believe that there are pillars of wealth and in life that run in parallel.

    Your thoughts, and actions must be congruent with your beliefs an habits. The pillars of wealth is a common thread of life, love and the pursuit of happiness which eludes the overall majority.

    • Hey James thanks for commenting back I know people can change if they put their minds in the right place. Possibly to leverage our efforts we can come up with marketing to show others the who, what and WHY they need to secure their futures.

      Check it out go through the process and let me know if we can be compatible for future marketing ventures. Wealth isn’t a solo sport it requires a team of highly trained professional at your side on your side.

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