Rebel in Blue Jeans

51497bjvz2l__sl500_aa240_Rebel in Blue Jeans 
Author: Beverly Stowe McClure
Publisher: Twilight Times Books

Reviewed by: Cheryl Malandrinos


Rebel’s life is in turmoil. Her mother ran off with a drummer, leaving her father distraught and distracted; her friend Will seems to be wanting more than just friendship, and an older guy has taken a sudden interest in her. What should she do?

Young adult readers, especially those who love animals will find many things to appreciate in Rebel in Blue Jeans by Beverly Stowe McClure.

When Rebel’s mother decides to take off with Bo, a drummer in a rock band, she feels unwanted and alone. What is so exciting about city life anyway? Rebel trudges through the days on the ranch with the help of her best friends, Will and Sully, and spends a great deal of time talking with her animals to help relieve her frustrations. And while she’s not sure exactly how she feels about Rick, she’s caught off guard when Will seems to be wanting more than friendship from her.

When her mother calls and wants Rebel to come visit Bo and her for the summer, Rebel is determined to hate him and convince her mother to come back home. Can Rebel bring her family back together? And if she can ever believe in love again, is it Will or Rick who will capture her heart?

This is a quick and easy read, but it’s certainly not short on conflict. McClure has woven together an interesting plot and a strong and complex heroine to create a story that will be enjoyed by young adults everywhere.

Tackling the difficult subjects of separation and divorce, the desire young people have to see their parents reunited, making decisions regarding boys, and finding your way in an uncertain world, Rebel in Blue Jeans provides readers with a heroine they will love for her spunk and get frustrated with over her stubbornness.

Rebel in Blue Jeans is an inspiring and entertaining read that would make a great gift for your teen reader…whether she’s a rebel or not.


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10 responses to “Rebel in Blue Jeans

  1. samza

    great stuff here as ever andy and really well put together. Ta for inc my comments etc. I am going through this and picking up music I have missed or forgotten about. Certainly the B Boys are one – you put me onto them and their debut album is stunning. Hope all’s good and best for 09. Nx

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  3. Beverly McClure

    Thank you, Cheryl for a super review and for hosting me on my Virtual tour. You have made it so much fun.


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  5. rebelinbluejeans

    Thanks for an awesome review, Cheryl. And thank you for giving me a great tour.

    AKA beverly

  6. rebelinbluejeans

    I do not know why this shows up as “no responses” because I see my comment. I hope others do to. I am so computer challenged.

    aka Beverly

  7. Rena

    Oh, this sounds like something my teenaged daughters would love!

  8. The book sounds great – can’t wait to get my copy!

  9. Beth Bence Reinke

    Wow, I wonder which brother will win Rebel’s heart? Sounds like a great book that I would have loved to read as a teen.

    Congratulations Beverly!


  10. rebelinbluejeans

    Thanks, everyone for your kind remarks. I appreciate your comments.


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