How to Win a Pitch

howtopitch cover

How to Win A Pitch: The Five Fundamentals That Will Distinguish You From the Competition
Author: Joey Asher
Publisher: Persuasive Speaker Press

Reviewed by:  Gary Mack


PRESENT A SOLUTION. That’s the main theme of the book. After breezing through the chapters reinforcing the theme, I thought of how I might apply the author’s advice. 

Being involved in a soccer club, a perplexing situation arose when a rogue coach of ours decided he wanted to take our team to a competing club. With the parents torn between their allegiance to the club and their desire to remain on a winning team, a meeting was set to discuss the matter between all parties. At the meeting, the club, along with its new coach, would pitch the parents on the advantages of staying, while the old coach would attempt to lure them away. 

As the spokesperson, I used the recommendations in the book. Rather than speak about our many state cup championship victories, myself and the unrivaled history of the club, I chose to focus on providing a solution for the parents. Knowing, at the age of fourteen, the girls were only a couple of years away from receiving offers from colleges, I charged forward and presented a curriculum that brought Division I college coaches in to train and speak to the parents and girls.  Fully understanding the parents’ desire and expectation for hefty scholarships, I raved on about the new progressive training methods we were going to implement – how they mirrored those of the Division I schools. I added that with each girl, we would build a profile of their accomplishments on our web site and then create a scholarship strategy for every player based on her ability and her education needs. 

When I was finished, lo and behold… The parents walked out with the old coach. 

Just teasing.

It actually worked. Joey Asher’s “How To Win A Pitch” has extreme value as an advisory source for those who need to win business for their sake, and the sake of their companies. Written in a simple but sprightly prose, the book is filled with humorous anecdotes, colorful insights and common sense articulations that will strengthen your understanding on how to close a deal. Asher even goes so far as to teach you how to gesture and what your body language means to a prospective buyer.

 “How To Win A Pitch” is a winner from the first sentence to the last. Based on my success with it, I’m turning it over to my wife, who as the Administration Manager of her firm, plans on having all the sales staff give it a read.  We both believe it will benefit the company a great deal.

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