Book Spotlight: The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom and the Sea Princess by Judy Carlson

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About The Book
The White Knight
TitleThe White Knight, the Lost Kingdom, and the Sea Princess
Author: Judy Carlson
Publisher: Nordskog Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: July 1, 2015
Format: eBook / PDF / Paperback
Pages: 476
ISBN: 978-0983195757
Genre: Mythical Fantasy
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Book Description:
Just as the creator of the Chronicles of Narnia decided to try his writer’s hand and imagination, I decided to try something too.  And so, I have written a story of my own having been prompted by that same idea of creating a God presence in another place.  No, it is not Narnia but it is a new world similar yet different from our own.  Surely, as I write this, I was inspired by the man who has invited tens of thousands of readers and not a few writers to write, think and look beyond this ‘shadow land’ called earth.  I have named it The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom, and the Sea Princess’
It is a story of intrigue and ever present danger in a world populated by creatures and mortals, whose destiny hangs by the threads of an Emperor’s vision,  a prince’s lost love,  mysterious foes, enchanting  forest maidens, unlikely heroes, and a mermaid-heroine. All of this is wrapped up in a champion so invincible, yet mysterious, that he challenges the Dark Sorcerer with supernatural forces of a fascinating nature, using even the humblest of defenders.  This profound love story will leave you with a taste for a country and a universe beyond your dreams and even imaginings.  A world that is A fairy tale come true, and one “you will never want to end”.
Book Excerpt:
Chapter 1:
The Vanquished Kingdom
Under the Laws of Providence
We have duties which are perilous.
–Austin Phelps
Affliction is a treasure,
and scarce any man hath enough of it.
–John Donne
A deathly pall hung over the palace and the city of Ajar as
the threatening presence of the insidious Black Guard
“Hurry!” called the Queen to her maidservant, “Come quickly,
“Yes, Your Majesty!” 
“The trunk is in my wardrobe closet. Count Amas has ordered
two of his trusted men to secure it for me. They will take it to
the cottage of the nursemaid Elnora and secret it there. We only
hope they can avoid discovery.” 
“Yes, madam,” the girl answered in a trembling voice. 
“Disguise it with this linen cloth, Dianna, and lay flowers
upon it. If noticed at all, a covered table will arouse less suspicion
than a royal trunk.” The Queen of the Eastern Islands paused and
lowered her head for a moment. Then glancing up at the servant
girl, she said, “If evil befalls both Lady Elnora and me, reveal the
trunk’s whereabouts only to a trusted friend. Perhaps my son
Loren still has breath somewhere in this dim world and will come
thither to claim it one day.”
“But, Your Majesty, surely the Lord Regent would not dare to
hurt you!” The girl began weeping. Queen Maybella took her by
the shoulders, fighting back her own tears. 
“Forgive us, maiden, for we allowed evil to enter our beloved
kingdom. Weep not for us. If we perish, we shall go to the
White City. Weep for those who remain here in this place.” The
lady’s voice became intense. “You must flee the palace if we
are . . .removed. This wicked Usurper will come to his undoing
some day. Yet as for you, without my protection, you will be. . . .
Please, you must flee. Trust no strangers, Dianna. Aryel the
White Knight will return. Be strong until then.” 
(The increased power and control of the Lord Regent and
his Black Guard had rendered the king and his advisors only
figureheads. The royal family were little more than prisoners in
their own palace. Fear of the attacks of a horrible dragon had
spread like an epidemic over the citizens of the Eastern Island
Kingdom of Ajar. In as much as it seemed only the Lord Regent
had power over the fearsome beast, they had capitulated. Kneel
or perish was his mantra. They were a free people no more. The
few citizens who rebelled were killed, and so the underground
resistance was born.) 
The handmaiden of the queen did as her mistress bid her.
When the soldiers came to take the trunk, it appeared to be a
bench or table adorned for a summer tea. Several hours later,
there came shouts and then screams from the royal family’s
quarters. King Elmern’s voice was commanding, but to no avail.
“Do not harm my sons! Take me only!” 
A thunderous voice roared back, “Silence, you fool! If I would
destroy you, why then would I leave an heir!” Following a tortuous
silence, the Black Guards’ boots stomped through the
halls. Then they paused behind the chapel door. The door shook
from their pounding blows. The maidservant yet stayed by her
 About The Author
Judy Carlson

Judy Carlson is from St. Paul, MN. She and husband Tim have six children and 20 grandchildren and reside in Missouri. Judy has a BA in English from Trinity International University. Her lifetime passion for literature and writing and the works of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien has permeated this novel with their characteristic sense of wonder. She  wrote her first story at age nine, and has been the grand storyteller to her children and grandchildren.

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