Book Spotlight: Super Sized Success by Linda Zander



Title: SUPER SIZED SUCCESS: 9 Steps to Maximum Riches
in Minimum Time
Author: Linda Zander, The Success Packager
Publisher: MAXAR Press
Pages: 138
Genre: Non-Fiction: Success/Personal Development/Self-Help/Business
& Money
The only Get Rich Quick method
that puts VALUES before profit as the non-negotiable to achieving lasting
riches in all areas of ones’ life. 
Super Sized Success delivers a
revolutionary new definition of success never shared before… “Success
is a balanced achievement of Wealth and Well-Being through consistently living
the Truth of one’s own grace inspired values.”  
Author, Linda Zander, unveils the shocking Truth about Financial Wealth…that
without relentlessly living the Truth of ones’ own values, financial success
alone, simply put, cannot last nor make you happy.
Inside the pages of this book you will find practical, easy to use and launch
9-Fail Proof Steps that will make you so mentally, physically, intellectually,
financially, and spiritually potent that you become Super-N​aturally
driven to excel at the highest possible levels of human achievement. Powerful
real-life stories, including those from the author’s own life, provide the
reader with living proof that once one aligns their thoughts, actions, and
character to reflect the highest Truth of their values, they have the unending
power to become Wealthy, Healthy and Happy​.

Praise for SUPER SIZED SUCCESS: 9 Steps to Maximum Riches in Minimum

“A brilliant new formula for achieving success!”
–Judith Williamson, Director of Education , Napoleon
Hill World Learning

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Book Excerpt:

I was and still am an “adult child of an
alcoholic.” I grew up in an alcoholic home with all its crazy drama. The
instability taught me not to trust. I became excessively independent. I felt
that if I didn’t take care of myself, nobody would. I didn’t realize that by
being so obsessively independent I was pushing away people and especially God.
If I couldn’t trust anybody other than myself, how could I trust God?
Once I realized I didn’t own cocaine, but it
owned me, I became determined to beat the beast on my own. I went to AA, but in
spite of going to meetings, I couldn’t stay sober or learn to let go and let
anyone in, much less God. I kept thinking I could do it on my own. I kept
slipping back to using in spite of truly wanting to conquer my addiction. I
couldn’t understand why I couldn’t beat this thing on my own! I literally had a
100 percent success rate of doing everything on my own without help from
anyone! In my determination to fight this thing that had control over me, I
went to a hospital out-patient program, got out, and slipped again.
Determination was the driver of my existence. I checked myself into the Betty
Ford Center, and that’s when the miracles started to happen…and then along came
Dorothy was the director of the chemical
dependency unit of a prominent hospital, and she signed on to be the after-care
therapist for our group therapy meetings. I went to a handful of group meetings
and slipped again. What was I doing wrong? I went to group the very next night
after using and confessed. Dorothy asked me to stay after the group session
ended. She knew how badly I was trying and how badly I wanted to overcome this
obstacle in my life. But she also knew my real problem…the underlying one that
was preventing me from being successful.
She sat across from me, took my hands in hers,
looked directly into my eyes, and said:
“Linda, do you want to get sober for once and for all?” 
“Yes!” I said.
“Are you willing to go to any lengths to get
“Okay, good. You will have to put your faith and
trust in me. If you will put your trust in me and follow my directions, I give
you my personal promise that you will succeed in getting and staying sober.
Will you trust me now?” 
It was a gigantic jumping-off point for me. I
looked at her and paused, and my mind was wildly racing. “Why is she doing
this?”  “What does she have to gain?”
“Why should I trust her?” …and then: “What do I have to lose?” 
In a flash, I realized this beautiful,
intelligent, extremely busy woman had zero to personally gain from helping me
out. She had no ulterior motive other than to help me slay the beast for once
and for all. Right then, I can honestly say, I came to believe in a Source
outside of myself for the very first time in my life. 
In letting go and letting Dorothy in, I first
learned to trust another human being, and then after that, I learned to put my
trust in God. I am now clean and sober for over twenty-six years, thanks to
Dorothy. I got and stayed sober from that very moment of our conversation. I
represent a very small percentage of addicts who get and stay sober. Dorothy
got me sober, and I stayed sober because through that relationship and what it
taught me, a gateway to God opened up that I otherwise wouldn’t have found.
Napoleon Hill teaches the power of creating what he calls “Mastermind
Alliances,” which he defines as “an alliance of two or more minds working in
perfect harmony for the attainment of a common, definite objective.” Dorothy
was the first mastermind alliance in my life, and the one that saved me.
Learning to put faith and trust in someone other than just myself was the
one-way ticket to learning that within every adversity is great opportunity and
benefit waiting to be seized.
You see, Dorothy already knew
the power of mastermind alliances, and her greatest mastermind alliance was
with God. I came to know Dorothy, and then I came to know God. God is now the
greatest mastermind alliance in my life, too. He is the director of our
copartnership, and I have found great personal power and contentment in placing
my trust in him. 



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About the Author


Linda Zander, The Success Packager, is a serial
entrepreneur, self-made multimillionaire, success expert, coach, and
award-winning amateur athlete.  She is a
natural visionary and intuitive who delivers the next-generation model of
success that is absolutely necessary for attaining success amid today’s global
challenges.  She has a proven track
record of delivering success both for herself, individuals and Corporations
regardless of extreme personal or business challenges. She lives in Malibu,
More Information


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