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New Book for Review: Teen Romantic Thriller ‘Airel’ by Aaron Patterson & Chris White

AirelAaron Patterson & Chris White are touring in June and July 2011 with their teen romantic thriller novel, Airel.

Airel just wanted to fly under the radar, hang out with her best friend Kim and survive High School. But that was not what was happening. She witnessed a murder, her body is changing, and something is just not right with her boyfriend. She can’t understand what is going on and now is wondering if she is even human.

400 pages

You can visit their website at www.stonehouseink.net or their blog at www.TheWorstBookEver.blogspot.com.

Please Note: Airel is only available in electronic format for review.

If you would like to review Frederico, the Mouse Violinist, email us by clicking here or email Dorothy Thompson at thewriterslife@yahoo.com. Deadline for inquiries end June 25 or until the tour is filled. Thank you!

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