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The Last Jew Standing

The Last Jew Standing

Author: Michael Simon

Publisher: Viking

Reviewed by: Cheryl C. Malandrinos

Gritty, tough, and full of suspense The Last Jew Standing by Michael Simon is a sure winner for crime fiction fans. This fourth installment of Simon’s Detective Dan Reles series finds Dan with a new home, a new wife, a son, and far removed from the life he once had in New York. But there is no way that Dan will ever escape his past…especially when it shows up on his doorstep.

Dan’s father, Abe has been on the run from the Mafia for twenty-five years, and when he shows up at Dan’s new house with a Russian prostitute on his arm, Dan–who still blames his father for his mother abandoning them–can’t imagine what he wants.

But he knows it isn’t good.

When a former employee of Mafia boss, Sam Zelig turns up dead, Dan is even more concerned about his father’s arrival in Austin. And when Sam Zelig and his goons make it personal, Dan is forced to make some tough decisions…never knowing if he’s right or wrong.

Michael Simon gets the award for drawing me into a book with the very first sentence. Late nights, skipped meals, and falling into bed with my clothes on were all well worth it, just to read a bit more of this oustanding novel. The danger, the suspense, the raw hatred and violence that poured forth from this crime thriller, leaves the reader clamoring for Simon’s next book. The Last Jew Standing is one of the best examples I’ve read of pushing a character so far into desperation that even the reader can’t guess what he’ll do next.

If all of Michael Simon‘s books are as thrilling and intense as this one, Simon has just gained a life-long fan.

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