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Organic for Health

Organic for Health
Author: Sandy Powers
Publisher: iUniverse
Reviewed by: Cheryl Malandrinos

Are you concerned about what’s being added to the food you and your family eat? Are you confused about the nutritional value of certain fruits and vegetables? Are you looking for new recipes for cooking with organic food? Then pick up a copy of Organic for Health by Sandy Powers.

This short book gives you insight into the advantages of eating organic foods over non-organic foods and also provides a list of which fruits and vegetables are antioxidants, immune boosters, and/or phytonutrients. It also offers the interested reader a way to get started growing their own organic foods. I really liked that Powers provided resources for where readers can find organic products if they aren’t available in their local grocery stores. I would have preferred some footnotes to make fact checking easier and I found myself wanting to know more about organic gardening, but overall Powers made a persuasive argument for going organic.

I applaud the author’s efforts in providing a book that gives readers a reason to not only consider making organic foods a staple in their home, but also gives them the resources to make it happen. Powers is obviously passionate about the subject, a good trait for any author. There is much to be learned by reading Organic for Health.

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