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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations

Author: Dr. Susan Gregg
Publisher: Penguin
Reviewed by: Cheryl C. Malandrinos

If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of your life through quieting the mind, then I have found the book for you. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations by Dr. Susan Gregg will help you learn how to quiet your mind and soothe your soul so that you can experience a life full of peace and happiness.

Divided into four parts, this book is not something you read once and put on the shelf. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations is a book you need to keep on the nightstand next to your bed, beside your favorite comfy chair, or anywhere else where you will have a few moments to concentrate on these fabulous and simple guided meditations.

Dr. Gregg begins by telling the reader how the brains works and how he/she can use short meditations to bring about desired changes in his/her life. The next two parts provide step-by-step exercises to ease the reader into the meditations. And the last part of the book shows the reader how to apply the techniques he/she has learned.

Anyone can use The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations. You don’t need to have prior experience using mental imagery, but I did find it helpful in allowing me to clear my mind and concentrate on the meditations. This was the first time I ever used guided meditations, and with Dr. Gregg’s book I could focus entirely on what I wanted to change about my life. Included in this book are quotes from many famous people, like Picasso, Martin Luther King, and Albert Einstein, which allow the reader to reflect upon the purpose of the book and inspire him/her to continue along the path to inner peace and happiness.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations by Dr. Susan Gregg will make you aware that you don’t need to suffer through life, filled with stress over everything that could and does go wrong. Dr. Gregg and this powerful book will help you unlock the window to a brighter and more peaceful future for you, where you can enjoy life to its fullest…the way it was meant to be.

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