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How to Quit Smoking: The Harold Cole Method

How to Quit Smoking: The Harold Cole Method
Author: Lee Cole
Publisher: Lulu
Reviewed by: Dorothy Thompson 

When I first picked up this little book, the first words out of my mouth were, “Oh, no, another book on quitting cigarettes.”  It was only 43 pages and published by Lulu, which meant someone had decided to throw his idea out there on how to quit cigarettes and become a published author without going through conventional means.  Surely, no NY publisher would have taken on such a short book, so I went in very skeptical. 

I didn’t get but nine pages into it when the author, Lee Cole, gave me such a great idea on how to quit, I feel I have misjudged this little book. 

HOW TO QUIT SMOKING: THE HAROLD COLE METHOD by Lee Cole tells of his father’s quest to find a way to quit smoking.  After he tried everything from chewing gum to going cold turkey, he was frustrated because he knew the demon of nicotine had claimed his soul and couldn’t give it up.  One night, he bursts into his son’s room to tell him of a discovery he had (won’t give it away!) and when I read it, I burst into my daughter’s (who smokes, too) bedroom with the little book in hand.  “Let me read that after you!” was her reply.

Lee goes on to tell us that his father ended up kicking his nicotine habit using this system which allows you to continually smoke throughout.  It is a very ingenious system, if you ask me, and it’s a wonder no one else has thought about it.  It involves no money (the frugal person I am) and no will power on your part.  It just works.

HOW TO QUIT SMOKING: THE HAROLD COLE METHOD is a must-have for anyone who has tried every conventional way of trying to quit the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes.

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