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New Book for Review: A New Prospect by Wayne Zurl

A New ProspectWayne Zurl is touring in June & July 2011 with his mystery detective novel, A New Prospect. Finding a killer in a small Appalachian community doesn’t look that difficult to gritty ex-New York Detective Lieutenant Sam Jenkins. Adjusting to the culture of rural Tennessee , dealing with shady politicians, powerful rich families, and colorful residents, makes Sam feel like a fish out of water, or a cop out of bourbon. But A NEW PROSPECT isn’t just about a homicide. Jenkins, the new police chief, is busy coping with his mid-life crisis, trying to patch the cracks in a department shattered by scandal, and looking for a new purpose in life. He barely finds time to concentrate on a murder investigation that requires him to revive his old skills as a detective. The victim, Cecil Lovejoy, a wealthy real estate developer, couldn’t have deserved it more. His death was the inexorable result of years misspent. And it appears to be no great loss to anyone, except the prime suspect is Sam’s personal friend. To resolve an impossible situation, Sam turns common police practice on its ear to insure an innocent man doesn’t fall prey to an imperfect system and the guilty party receives appropriate justice. Jenkins’ first adventure at Prospect PD is fictional, but the authentic procedures are based on Zurl’s twenty years of investigative and supervisory experience with the Suffolk County Police, one of the largest municipal departments in New York and the nation.

276 pages

You can visit Wayne on the web at www.waynezurlbooks.net.

If you would like to review A New Prospect, email us by clicking here or email Dorothy Thompson at thewriterslife@yahoo.com. Deadline for inquiries end June 25 or until the tour is filled. Thank you!

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