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Doorman’s Creek

Doorman’s Creek

Author: Lea Schizas

Publisher: eTreasures Publishing
Reviewed by: Cheryl C. Malandrinos

Suspense, action, and betrayal in the most evil of forms, Lea Schizas has packed all this and more into her paranormal thriller, Doorman’s Creek.

Kyle Anderson and his friends, Shawn and Bradley, set out to explore a cave they stumbled upon by Doorman’s Creek. They certainly didn’t expect what they found–a human skeleton and Kyle’s eerie feeling that they are not alone.

Against his parents’ wishes Kyle, Bradley, and Shawn return to the cave to uncover what they think are the remains of one or two girls who disappeared ten years ago. When Kyle is struck with some kind of seizure, Shawn and Bradley pick him up and run for their lives. At the hospital Kyle tells his father, Richard, what happened at the cave and provides information about the visions he saw during his episode of incapacitation. Richard, a detective for the local police force, begins to investigate the unsolved case of the missing girls–which he had worked on ten years ago–and how it might tie into the recent disappearance of another young woman.

After Richard is found lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, Susan seeks to find a reason for his senseless murder and how much her disturbing dreams have to do with what happened; while Kyle, Shawn, and Bradley, try to figure out what Kyle’s visions are telling them about the disapperance of these young women…and if their investigation might have put them in the path of a serial killer.

Doorman’s Creek by Lea Schizas captured me from beginning to end. I literally could not walk away from this story, reading it in one sitting. Lea Schizas did a superb job of keeping the action moving along at a quick pace, making the transitions between chapters smooth and seamless. Schizas drew real characters who I connected with and cared about and whose emotions were so real that I felt my heartbeat racing when they were scared. The backstory was just enough and never dulled the present day action. Schizas created the perfect paranormal thriller.

Suspense-filled, action packed, and full of surprises, Doorman’s Creek by Lea Schizas will draw you in deeply and not let you go.

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